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Long-Term DSCR Loans
for Your Rentals

Non-Owner-Occupied Investment Property

Call it what you want, private, hard money or asset-based loans; NSS Lending can help you finance the purchase of a rental property. Many regions of the country, home prices have risen sharply making homeownership unaffordable for many potential buyers. More than ever, many people are choosing to rent a home instead of purchase. That is good news (and favorable data) for the rental loan market, now primed for investment opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

Single-family, PUDs and 2-4 and 5+ Units--Warrantable AND Non-Warrantable, Rural & Condotel and Short-Term Vacation Rental

Blue house with white pillars and oak door

$75k to $50MM

We Make It Easy to Invest in Rental Properties.

5/1 ARM (Fully Amortizing)

7/1 ARM (Fully Amortizing)

30-Year Fixed

Interest-Only Options

620+ Credit On Purchase

650+ Credit on Cash Out Refinance

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