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We Make It Easy to Purchase Investment Property Using Long-Term DSCR Financing

Call it what you want, private, hard money or asset-based loans; NSS Lending can help you finance the purchase of residential and commercial real estate. Many regions of the country, home prices have risen sharply making homeownership unaffordable for many potential buyers. More than ever, many people are choosing to rent a home instead of purchase. That is good news (and favorable data) for the rental loan market, now primed for investment opportunities in 2024 and beyond.

$75k to $50MM

5/1 ARM (Fully Amortizing)

7/1 ARM (Fully Amortizing)

30-Year Fixed

Interest-Only Options

575+ Credit on Purchase

575+ Credit on Cash Out Refinance

DSCR >1.0

Maximum LTV 80%

house apartment in suburb. suburban neighborhood. cottage house in american neighborhood.

Put As Little As
10% Down with
Seller Financing
2nd Position Loan

Minimum Loan Amount 75K
Minimum Credit 650+

Single-family, 2-4 Units, 5+ Multi-family, Mixed-Use, Commercial, Warrantable AND Non-Warrantable Condos & Townhomes, Rural Locations, Condotel and Short-Term Vacation Rentals

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