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Blanket Loans

At NSS Lending our mission is to provide our clients with the best mortgage loan products and services available. We strive to make the loan process as stress-free and simple as possible. With our unique blanket loan program, we help minimize the stress of managing multiple rental loans by combining your entire portfolio of properties into one loan. 

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Two Doors
Up to 75% LTV

5/1 ARM (30 Year Amortization)

7/1 ARM (30 Year Amortization)

650 Minimum Credit Score

30-Year Fixed

Interest-Only Options

Unlock the world's charm with these captivating door photographs. From rustic entrances to

Having one mortgage saves you the cost of multiple lender fees associated with closing the loan: origination fees, processing fees, service fees, third party fees, and more, leaving you more money to invest in other projects.  Additionally, many blanket mortgages operate with a release clause, which allows you to sell a property without having to use the sale proceeds to pay off the loan.


Your current mortgages will undoubtedly carry a number of different interest rates, some of which might be unfavorable. A blanket loan refinance provides the opportunity to bring everything together under one interest rate. 

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