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Specializing in Fix 'n' Flip, Cash Out Refinancing, Portfolio and Rental Hard Money Loans

Fix 'n' Flip Loans

Access short-term financing at a fixed rate. Quick closing.

Cash-Out | Refinance

Refinance your existing mortgage and access the equity in your investment property.

Buy & Hold

Access long-term financing at a fixed rate for your rental property. 

Portfolio Loans

Access long-term financing at a fixed rate.  Unlock existing equity.

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Daniel V

The experience was amazing!!!

The experience was amazing!!!! Neal and Teri Made the real estate lending process extremely easy. They also help me increase my credit score from 535 to now a 689 in no time.

NSS Lending, LLC

Chicago, IL


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NSS Lending, LLC is NOT a direct Lender. We will match you with a hard money lender that is the best fit for your specific needs.

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