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Private Money for Real Estate Investors Seeking Hard Money Loans

A One-Stop-Shop for All Your
Real Estate Financing Needs

Front porch of a Taupe colored house
icon of house with dollar sign


Refinance your existing
mortgage interest rate and access up to 80% of the equity in your investment property.

Icon of a house with circle of arrows around it represent fix and flip


Access short-term financing at a fixed rate for first-time and seasoned investors on non-owner-occupied residential and commercial rehab loans.

Icon of a house with a key representing a rental property


Access long-term financing for your non-owner-occupied single, multi-family and commercial property. 

Icon of a house
Icon of a house
Icon of a house


Bundle multiple properties into one loan. Minimum two properties. $50K per door.  Save time, save money and save the stress of managing multiple loans. 

Commercial Loans


Purchase, flip, or refinance non-residential properties including 5+ multi-family, mixed-use properties, retail stores, offices spaces, industrial buildings, self-storage and more!


A Persistent Partner

No one will represent you more professionally and protect your best interests better than NSS Lending every single time.


Have something on your mind?  NSS Lending is always available to answer your questions. Never hesitate to pick up the phone. We are available 7 days a week!

One Call Does It All

Fix & flip. New construction. Rental or Refinance. We can do it all. Just give us a call! NSS Lending will get you competitive terms and, once accepted, our team will sail you all the way to the closing table.

If You Need Help

If you can't get your real estate deal funded, give us a call. If at first, we don't succeed, we try — and try again — until we do!

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